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8 Make Up Basic Tool for Women

Do we have to bring all the tools makeup in a bag? Though not all makeup tools needed to make up everyday. Only a few items that are necessary for women preen themselves.

 8 Alat Make Up Basic untuk Wanita

Roughly what the basic makeup tools? The following 8 types of tools that can make up Friends of Dream carry in a small bag as excerpted from

1. Concealer
The function of these tiny objects to even out skin tone of your face that sometimes there are acne scars. Then concealer can also be used at the bottom of the eye that is often black.

2. Foundation
After using concealer, to flatten the face, you better also use foundation. If you think the foundation is too heavy on the face, can use a facial moisturizer.

3. Blush
Makeup tools serves to make the hue on the cheeks. Choose a color that you think fits your makeup is being applied.

4. Loose Powder
For you who have oily skin, loose powder is the right choice for use in bermakeup.

5. Mascara
Mata is a major part to be beautiful when bermakeup. Do not forget maskaramu, yes even for everyday makeup.

6. Eye Shadow
There are many colors of eye shadow that you can use, choose a neutral color to add beauty to your eyes.

7. Eye liner
Choose a color eye liner that is darker than the color of your eye shadow. Create eye line should not be too thick so as not excessive. Simply apply a thin so visible lines on your eyes

8. Lipstick
one of the important thing is lipstick! you can look it all out only with the right lipstick color choice. Bring two colors in your bag, one color of light, and the other nude or pale color.

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